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Punni Paddy Multi Thresher-4603

The Punni Paddy Multi Thresher 4603 efficiently threshes crops such as rice, maize, lentils, toria, and lady finger seeds while being operable by any tractor or a 40 horsepower tractor, which makes it accessible to a wide range of farmers. Furthermore, it effectively separates the grains and husk of the crop, cleans the grains for collection, and serves as an efficient tool for post-harvest processing, making it a versatile machine of high quality.

PUNNI 4603 paddy multi thresher front view
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A farmer's back as he operates the PUNNI 4603 Paddy Multi Thresher in a field.

What is Paddy Multi Thresher?

Paddy Multi Thresher, outlining its key features and benefits. The machine is designed to separate grains and husks from harvested crops using a back tokery mechanism that feeds the harvest into the device for separation by a rooter. The cleaned grains are collected through sieves, while the full-size husks are blown away by a built-in blower.

Additionally, Punni Paddy Multi Thresher efficiently threshes various crops, including rice, maize, millet, lentil, toria, and lady finger seeds, making it a reliable and efficient tool for medium to large holding farmers and custom hiring. It comes equipped with a specialized blower that ensures the quality of the rice by cleaning it thoroughly during the threshing process, leaving no rice behind or broken, which enables farmers to get a higher price for their produce.

Moreover, the Punni Paddy Multi Thresher’s high-quality construction and unique back tokery feature contribute to its overall reliability and efficiency, making it a valuable addition to any farmer’s agricultural equipment. By reducing the time and labor required for post-harvest processing, this thresher can help farmers optimize their production and increase their profitability.

Punni Paddy Multi Thresher in Action

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Features of Punni Paddy Multi Thresher

“Efficient Paddy Threshing, Maximum Grain Yield”

  • It is a multi-crop thresher that can be used for threshing crops like rice, maize, millet, lentil, toria, and seeds of lady finger.

  • The Paddy Thresher can be operated by any tractor or a 40 horsepower tractor.

  • Moreover, the thresher is specifically designed to handle rice threshing without breaking the rice or leaving any behind, and comes with a specialized blower for cleaning the rice, ensuring high-quality produce.

  • The Paddy Thresher stands out among other threshers in the market due to its unique back tokery feature, which separates the husk from the grains.

  • Furthermore, it has a high capacity front feeding mechanism that can quickly process large amounts of grain, and a rooter that separates the grains from the husk.

  • The thresher also comes equipped with sieves that collect the cleaned grains, making it an efficient and reliable tool for post-harvest processing.

  • Additionally, it can produce high-quality straw, making it a valuable addition to any farmer’s agricultural equipment.

  • The Paddy Thresher is an essential tool for modern farming, helping to increase productivity while reducing labor costs.

  • Furthermore, it is designed to minimize grain loss, ensuring that farmers can harvest as much of their crops as possible.

  • With its compact design, the thresher is easy to transport and store when not in use.

  • Moreover, it has a durable construction, ensuring a long service life.

  • Finally, it is easy to operate and maintain, making it ideal for farmers with little or no experience using agricultural equipment.




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