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Established in 1982, Vishavkarma Engg Works is a globally renowned manufacturer of Farm Equipment under the brand name PUNNI.

Punni is the Manufacturer of agriculture machinery like Super Seeder, Zero Drill, Rotavator, Straw Reaper, Combine Harvester, Haramaba, Laser Land Leveler, and Threshers. It was founded by Sr. Bant Singh in 1982 in Tohana, Haryana-125120. 

Punni tohana no.1 brand in india

Bhusa Combine With Straw Box

Bhusa Combine With Straw Box Main Features No loss of Bhusa. Bhusa recovery is more than 80 percent  Quality of

Best Grain Cruiser Bhusa Combine Harvester

Best Grain Cruiser Bhusa Combine HarvesterCOMBINE is being used for a combination of operations such as harvesting, threshing, separating, and cleaning cereal crops in the country

Disc Super Seeder

Disc Super SeederDisc Super Seeder is the latest technology for the combined application of soil preparation, Seeding with fertilizer, and Pressing wheel. Super Seeder helps plow the standing paddy residue and sow seeds for the next wheat crop, in a single operation. It not only helps in cost time saving but is environment friendly too.Features of Punni Disc Super Seeder :
  • Comes with Stainless steel disc plates
  • India's #1 fully gear drive Super seeder, #1 choice of farmers in Haryana. No need to change sprockets and chains.
  • Four-speed gearbox for smooth synchronization with different tractor models
  • No Need to Burn Paddy Stub.
  • Multi Four Speeds.
  • A precise System for seed & and fertilizer rate control and smooth & accurate adjustment can be done as compared to traditional lever-type adjustment.
  • It is useful for removing stubble & roots of Paddy, Sugarcane, Cotton, Banana, Maize, etc. of various other crops.
  • All movable parts of our super seeder are covered with a cover.
  • It has far more advantages than the traditional system as it helps to naturally maintain the nutrients of the soil with the help of crop residues.
  • The seed feed rate can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Metal compass for Seed & Fertilizer Monitoring.

Best Paddy Multi-Crop Thresher

Best Paddy Multi-Crop Thresher MAIN FEATURES:Suitable for threshing almost all cereals, pulses, and oil seed crops. The total grain losses are within the prescribed limit. The energy requirement is minimum for threshing different crops. Feeding crop is very easy and comfortable. No fatigue while feeding the crop. Transportation from one field to another is very easy. High output and very low maintenance.

Best 5402CS Multi-Crop Thresher

Best 5402CS Multi-Crop ThresherPARTICULARS TYPE OF THRESHERSFront feeding Models: 5402CS Prime Mover: Tractor PTO Crops to be threshed: Multi-crop Power Required Hp : 50 Technical Details of Threshing Cylinder Width MM: 1020 Diameter MM: 860 Cylinder blades: 120 No. of Sieves : 3 Number of Blowers : 3 Number of speeds: 12 Cylinder Speed, Rpm (M/S): 350-800 ( 15-30) Concave Clearance, MM: 5- 20 Output capacity, KG/HR: 400-4500 Weight, KG (Approximately): 3350 Tire Size: 13.6.28 Threshing Efficiency % 99-100 Cleaning Efficiency % : 98-100 Total Grain Loss, %: ≤ 2.0

Straw Reaper Bhusa Machine


Main features of the Straw Reaper Bhusa Machine 

• Saving time, money, and labor • Fine straw (Bhusa) can be obtained as bi-product • Small farmers welcome the work to be get done by custom hiring • Straw recovery is 50 percent • The straw split was 92.36% and the length of bhusa was 2.0 to 2.5 cm. • There was an additional grain recovery of 35-60 kg/ha. .depending upon crop and field conditions • Straw combination is very economical. it is used extensively by the farmers as the cost of wheat fine straw has risen and usage of combine has increased. • save environmental hazards.

Best Zero Drill

The main features of Tractor drawn zero till seed -cum- fertilizer drill are:
Timeliness in sowing 7-8 days earlier than traditional, saves 60-75 liters HSD per hectare which resulted in saving of natural resources and the environment, 30-40% less infestation of weeds, saves irrigation water up to 10-15% during the first irrigation, no crust formation after rains, improvement in soil structure and fertility, no lodging of crops at the time of maturity in case of heavy rains and winds and the machine is simple, heavy in weight resulting in less vibration and easy to operate
Great Technology Solid Performance
Straw Reaper is used to make straw from stubbles of wheat after combine harvest.
straw reaper
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    Super Seeder
    India’s First Fully Gear Drive Super Seeder
    Super Seeder is latest technology for combined application of soil preparation, Seeding with fertilizer and Pressing wheel. Super Seeder helps plough the standing paddy residue and sow seeds for the next wheat crop, in a single operation. It not only helps in cost time saving but is environment friendly too.