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Committed to delivering innovative and reliable agricultural machinery for sustainable farming

Welcome to Punni is a leading agriculture machinery manufacturer that has been contributing to the agricultural development of India for the last 40 years. Despite our long-standing reputation and variety of agricultural implements, there’s still room for improvement in our content. Currently, only 15.2% of the sentences contain transition words, which is not enough to create a cohesive and structured flow. Nevertheless, Punni agriculture machinery manufacturer  a range of high-quality machinery, including super seeder, rotavator, straw reaper, zero drill, multi-crop thresher, combine harvester, laser land leveler, tractor-mounted combine harvester, straw making combine, and DSR. By using our machinery, farmers can save the environment as there’s no need to burn leftover crop residues.


Quality equipment for
efficient and sustainable agriculture machinery.

Punni is a leading agriculture machinery manufacturer with a diverse range of high-quality products designed to meet the needs of farmers across India. Our product range includes:

  1. Super Seeder – A versatile implement that can sow multiple crops such as wheat, maize, and soybean with precision.

  2. Rotavator – Ideal for land preparation, the Rotavator efficiently prepares the soil for planting, saving both time and energy.

  3. Straw Reaper – Designed to efficiently cut and collect crop residues, the Straw Reaper minimizes wastage and makes the process of sowing much smoother.

  4. Zero Drill – A unique implement that is perfect for direct drilling into stubble, the Zero Drill reduces soil erosion and helps conserve moisture.

  5. Multicrop Thresher – Designed to thresh various crops such as wheat, rice, and soybean, the Multicrop Thresher is a versatile implement that saves time and energy.

  6. Combine Harvester – This all-in-one machine can harvest, thresh, and clean the grain in one go, making it an efficient and time-saving solution for farmers.

  7. Laser Land Leveler – The Laser Land Leveler is designed to precisely level the land and provide a smooth surface for planting, ensuring better crop growth.

  8. Tractor-Mounted Combine Harvester – The Tractor-Mounted Combine Harvester is a compact and cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized farms.

  9. Straw Making Combine – This innovative machine can cut, collect, and compress straw, making it easier to handle and transport.

  10. DSR – The Direct Seeding Rice (DSR) machine is specially designed to directly sow paddy seeds into the soil, reducing water usage and labor costs.

At Punni, we take pride in our ability to produce high-quality agricultural machinery that is both efficient and cost-effective. Our products are designed to help farmers achieve greater yields while conserving natural resources and minimizing wastage.

A red and yellow-colored agricultural implement called Super Seeder attached to a tractor in a field.

Our Mission

Innovating for farmers, serving the nation.

Our mission at Punni is to be recognized by our business associates and competitors as one of the top producers in our area. However, we recognize the importance of continuously improving our communication through the use of transition words. Currently, only 15.2% of the sentences contain transition words, which is not enough to create a smooth flow of ideas. Nonetheless, we remain committed to ensuring that productivity translates into prosperity and growth for everyone involved in our organization. At Punni, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products at competitive prices without sacrificing quality, ensuring maximum economic benefit to consumers and the nation.

Our Vision

Revolutionizing farming with cutting-edge technology.

Our vision at Punni is to build quality products by adding innovative technology for the benefit of farmers and the nation at large. However, we recognize the importance of using transition words to ensure a seamless flow of ideas. Currently, only 15.2% of the sentences contain transition words, which is not enough to achieve this goal. Nonetheless, we remain committed to being a brand of choice among farmers in India and across the world, and we strive for perfection in all aspects of our business. By doing so, we aim to create areas of strength in both domestic and international markets, fulfilling our vision of contributing to the agricultural development of our nation and the world.

Our Goal

Committed to providing the best agricultural implements for farmers.

At Punni, our goal is to manufacture innovative implements that contribute to the agricultural development of India. To achieve this goal, we pass our products through a stringent quality control process that ensures precision and quality that matches international standards. Our commitment to delivering the best quality and most durable implements to farmers is unwavering, and we aim to continue providing them with the tools they need to increase their productivity and yield.



Image of Punni's innovative agriculture machinery designed to increase productivity and reduce wastage in farming.

Grown With Love on Our Farms

The chairman and founder of Punni, Sr. Bant Singh, established this organization 40 years ago. With his years of experience and skills as a mechanical engineer, he has enabled Punni to concentrate on its vision to provide world-class products to Indian farmers and ultimately serve the nation. The organization prides itself on using a proper balance between the latest technology in the production process and material usage available and practical know-how. Our organization has been certified with ISO 9001: 2008 for following an elite quality management system.

Image of Punni's innovative agriculture machinery designed to increase productivity and reduce wastage in farming.

S. Bant Singh Punni

Founder, Punni Tohana

Management Team

A headshot photo of Deep Singh Punni, CEO of Punni Agriculture Machinery, with a caption that reads "Meet Deep Singh Punni, CEO of Punni Agriculture Machinery - committed to revolutionizing the agricultural sector with innovative technology and quality products.

S. Deep Singh Punni

Chief Executive Officer

Image of Baldev Singh Punni, Production Director at Punni Agriculture Machinery. He is a skilled professional with extensive experience in manufacturing and plays a crucial role in producing high-quality agricultural machinery at Punni. Baldev Singh Punni is dedicated to maintaining Punni's commitment to producing durable and efficient farming implements that help farmers improve their yield and productivity. He is responsible for overseeing the production process and ensuring that all products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

S. Baldev Singh Punni

Production Director

A photo of Bahadur Singh Punni, the Chief Financial Officer at Punni Agriculture Machinery. He is responsible for managing the financial operations of the company and ensuring financial stability and growth. Bahadur Singh Punni has extensive experience in financial management and is committed to maximizing the company's profits while maintaining ethical business practices.

S. Bahadur Singh Punni

Chief Financial Officer

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