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The Punni Laser Land Leveler uses a guided laser beam to level agricultural land precisely and accurately. This advanced technology results in better agronomic practices, higher crop yields, efficient crop management, and water conservation, making it an essential tool in modern farming practices for achieving optimal soil conditions.

laser land leveler | A closeup view of the front side of a PUNNI laser land leveler
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% water saving
% increment in utilization
laser land leveler | A close-up view of a PUNNI laser land leveler at work in a field.
About LLL

What is Laser Land Leveler and its uses?

A laser land leveler is a precision tool that uses a laser beam to level uneven fields. The laser beam is emitted from the transmitter and sweeps across the field, creating a virtual plane of light. The receiver mounted on the leveling bucket detects the laser reference plane’s position and sends signals to the control box. The control panel then interprets the signals and opens or closes the hydraulic control valve, which raises or lowers the bucket to achieve a desired grade. This advanced technology enables the machine to smooth out the surface of the field to its average height with a desired degree of slope, resulting in better agronomic practices, higher crop yields, efficient crop management, and water conservation.

Benefits of Using Laser Land Leveler

The laser land leveler has several features that make it an excellent choice for land levelling. One of the most significant advantages of using a laser land leveler is the reduction in water usage. With precise land levelling, water can be evenly distributed across the field, reducing the need for excessive water. Uneven fields can cause waterlogging, leading to weed growth. Laser land levelling ensures uniform moisture and eliminates the weed problem. Precise land levelling leads to uniform crop growth, maturity, and yield.

Using laser-controlled land levelling technology can save water by 30%, reducing water wastage and conserving resources. It controls the ridge of the field, maximizing land utilization by saving 3% to 5% of the land. By increasing the flatness, laser land levelling decreases the loss of fertilizer and increases the rate of utilization of fertilizer to 20%, ensuring better seedling emergence efficiency. Every unit area increases the production by 20% to 30%, leading to higher yields and profits. Using the technology could decrease the production cost of rice, wheat, soybean, cotton, and corn by 6.3% to 15.4%, saving money and increasing efficiency.

Easy to Use Laser Land Leveler

The laser land leveler is easy to operate, with a control panel mounted on the tractor within easy reach of the operator. The three control box switches are On / Off, Auto/ Manual, and Manual Raise/ Lower, which allows the operator to manually raise or lower the drag bucket as needed. The leveling bucket can be either a 3-point linkage mounted with the tractor, providing flexibility and ease of use.

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Components of Laser Land Leveler

Components of the Punni Laser Land Leveller include:

  1. Laser Transmitter: Mounted on a tripod, this component allows the laser beam to sweep above the tractor unobstructed with the plane of light above the field.

  2. Laser Receiver: This Omnidirectional receiver detects the position of the laser reference plane and transmits signals to the control box. It is mounted on a manual/hydraulic mast attached to the drag bucket.

  3. Control Panel: This box accepts and processes signals from the laser receiver, displaying the position of the drag bucket relative to the finished grade. The control box has three switches, On/Off, Auto/Manual, and Manual Raise/Lower, and provides electrical output for driving the hydraulic valve when set to automatic.

  4. Hydraulic Control System: The tractor’s hydraulic system supplies oil to raise and lower the leveling bucket. A pressure relief valve returns excess oil to the tractor reservoir. The solenoid control valve controls the flow of oil to the hydraulic ram that raises and lowers the bucket.

  5. Drag Bucket: The leveling bucket can be either a 3-point linkage mounted with the tractor. It is used to scoop soil from high areas and deposit it into low areas. The cutting blade is set slightly above ground level (1-2 cm).

All of these components work together to create an efficient and accurate leveling process. The laser transmitter and receiver establish a reference plane for the drag bucket to follow, while the hydraulic control system allows for precise raising and lowering of the bucket as it moves across the field. The control panel provides the operator with a clear picture of the bucket’s position relative to the finished grade and enables adjustments to be made as necessary. The Punni Laser Land Leveller is a comprehensive system designed to help farmers level their land with ease and precision.

Punni Laser Land Leveler in Action

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Features of Punni Laser Land Leveler

“Experience the Future of Farming: Precise, Water-Saving, Cost-Effective with Punni Laser Land Leveler.”

  • Laser technology: Utilizes a concentrated beam of light to produce a virtual “plane” in the field.
  • Precision leveling: Achieves a uniform land surface with accurate slope and height for optimized crop growth.
  • Water-saving: Reduces the amount of water required for land preparation, saving up to 30% of water usage.
  • Weed control: Reduces weed problems in the field.
  • Uniform moisture: Provides uniform moisture to the crops, ensuring uniform maturity and yield.
  • Land-saving: Controls the ridge of the field, which saves 3% to 5% of land.
  • Fertilizer efficiency: Increases the rate of utilization of fertilizer up to 20%, reducing fertilizer loss and increasing seedling emergence efficiency.
  • Increased production: Increases production by 20% to 30% per unit area.
  • Cost-effective: Decreases the production cost of rice, wheat, soybean, cotton, and corn by 6.3% to 15.4%.
  • Saves time and effort: Provides quick and efficient leveling of the land surface, reducing manual labor and time required for land preparation.




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