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 The Punni Grain Cruiser Pro, is an innovative version of a Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester. This harvester is designed to efficiently harvest various grain crops, including wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn, sorghum, soybeans, flax, sunflowers, and rapeseed. One notable feature of the Punni Grain Cruiser Pro is its ability to convert leftover crop material into broken straw and deposit it directly into a trolley, eliminating the need for additional equipment and labor to process the straw.

Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester
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Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester | A photo of a PUNNI Grain Cruiser Pro grain tank being emptied in a field.
About Grain Cruiser

What is Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester?

introduction: Discover the efficiency of the Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester, a specialized machine designed to revolutionize grain crop harvesting. Learn how this advanced equipment simplifies the harvesting process for various crops, including wheat, oats, barley, corn, and soybeans.

Benefits of the Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester: Experience the advantages of integrating the Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester into your farming operations: 

1. Efficient Crop Residue Management: The Grain Cruiser Harvester excels at converting leftover crop residue into broken straw, which is conveniently deposited directly into a trolley. This smart feature eliminates the need for extra equipment and labor, streamlining your post-harvest process.

2. Versatile Straw Utilization: Utilizing the broken straw produced by the harvester contributes to sustainable farming practices. This byproduct serves as a valuable resource for various applications, from livestock feed to bedding, reducing waste effectively.

Advanced Features of the Harvester: Explore the cutting-edge functionalities that set the Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester apart:

1. Smart Technology Integration: Equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems, this harvester optimizes its performance throughout the harvesting process. Real-time insights enhance efficiency and yield, ensuring a smoother operation.

2. Precision Threshing Mechanisms: The harvester boasts advanced threshing mechanisms that guarantee thorough grain separation from the crop, ensuring higher yields and improved grain quality. This aspect significantly impacts your final harvest’s overall value.

3. Innovative Cutting Technologies: Experience cleaner and more precise cuts during harvesting, thanks to the harvester’s innovative cutting technologies. This innovation translates to increased productivity, reduced losses, and enhanced crop quality.

Conclusion: In summary, the Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester represents a game-changing solution for modern farmers seeking efficient, cost-effective grain crop harvesting. With its advanced features, efficient crop residue management, and versatile straw utilization, this harvester enhances yield while minimizing labor costs, supporting sustainable agriculture.

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Grain Cruiser Combine | laser land leveler
Grain Cruiser Combine | Close-up photo of Ashok Leyland engine installed in Punni Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester.
Grain Cruiser Combine | A photo of the cutter bar of Punni Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester.
Grain Cruiser Combine | Photo of 4x4 wheel facility in PUNNI Grain Cruiser combine harvester.
Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester | Lift system for easy trolley attachment in PUNNI Grain Cruiser Pro Combine Harvester
Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester wheel with high-quality tire
Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester | Auto discharge auger for Grain Cruiser Pro Combine Harvester Grain Tank.
Grain Cruiser Combine | Photo of smart gear system for combine harvester

Features of Punni Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester

Revolutionize grain harvesting with Punni Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester – efficient, innovative, and versatile.

  • Designed to harvest a variety of grain crops such as wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn, sorghum, soybeans, flax, sunflowers, and rapeseed.
  • Converts the remaining part of the crop into broken straw and deposits it directly into a trolley.
  • First combine harvester in India to offer a straw-making facility.
  • Combines multiple steps of the harvesting process into a single machine, including reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing.
  • Eliminates the need for additional equipment and labor to process the straw.
  • Farmers can use the straw for various purposes, such as livestock feed and bedding.
  • Advanced monitoring and control systems to improve performance and increase efficiency.
  • Improved threshing mechanisms for more effective grain separation.
  • Innovative cutting technologies for more precise cutting and improved crop yield.
  • Offers a cost-effective, efficient, and time-saving solution for harvesting grain crops.




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