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Punni Multicrop Thresher-5402

The Punni 5402cs Thresher is a tractor-operated, high-capacity front-feeding multi-crop thresher that can thresh various crops like rice, maize, wheat, sorghum, barley, mustard, soybean, and millets. It is designed to suit the needs of medium to large farmers and custom hiring. With its compact structure, beautiful shape, and reliable operation, it is an efficient machine that can produce high-quality straw and minimize grain loss.

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What is Multicrop Thresher?

A multi-crop thresher is a machine used in agriculture to thresh or separate grains from the plants after harvesting. As the name suggests, it can be used to thresh a variety of crops including wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, barley, soybean, and millets. It helps to eliminate the laborious and time-consuming process of manual threshing and significantly reduces the time required to separate grains from the plants. The multi-crop thresher is designed to suit medium and large holding farmers as well as custom hiring. It is efficient, reliable, and can produce high-quality straw. It is an essential tool for modern farming and helps to increase productivity while reducing labor costs.

Multi-crop threshers are versatile machines that can save farmers a significant amount of time and labor. These threshers can be adjusted to handle different types of crops, making them a valuable investment for farmers who grow multiple crops throughout the year. With a high capacity front feeding mechanism, multi-crop threshers can quickly process large amounts of grain, reducing the time and effort required for manual threshing. Additionally, multi-crop threshers are designed to minimize grain loss, ensuring that farmers can harvest as much of their crops as possible. With their compact design, reliable operation, and high production rates, multi-crop threshers are a valuable addition to any farmer’s arsenal of agricultural equipment.

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Features of Punni 5402CS Thresher

“Harvest with Efficiency and Quality: Punni Thresher”

  • The machine is tractor-operated and can efficiently thresh a variety of crops such as wheat, sorghum, mustard, soybean, and millets.
  • It is designed to suit medium to large holding farmers as well as for custom hiring purposes.
  • The compact structure and beautiful shape make it easy to handle and transport.
  • It is highly efficient and can thoroughly thresh crops, producing high-quality straw.
  • The machine is designed for reliable operation and is durable, with long-lasting components.
  • It is equipped with a feeding conveyor that ensures continuous feeding of crops into the thresher, increasing the efficiency of the machine.
  • The machine has an adjustable concave, which helps to minimize grain damage and losses during the threshing process.
  • The high production rate of the machine ensures that crops can be threshed quickly, saving time and labor.
  • The machine is easy to maintain, with simple components that can be easily replaced if needed.




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