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Disc Super Seeder


Disc Super Seeder

Disc Super Seeder is the latest technology for the combined application of soil preparation, Seeding with fertilizer, and Pressing wheel. Super Seeder helps plow the standing paddy residue and sow seeds for the next wheat crop, in a single operation. It not only helps in cost time saving but is environment friendly too.

Features of Punni Disc Super Seeder :

  • Comes with Stainless steel disc plates
  • India's #1 fully gear drive Super seeder, #1 choice of farmers in Haryana. No need to change sprockets and chains.
  • Four speed gear box for smooth synchronization with different tractor models
  • No Need to Burn Paddy Stub.
  • Multi Four Speeds.
  • Precise System for seed & and fertilizer rate control, smooth & accurate adjustment can be done as compared to traditional lever type adjustment.
  • It is useful for removing stubble & roots of Paddy, Sugarcane, Cotton, Banana, Maize, etc. of various other crops.
  • All movable parts of our super seeder are covered with a cover.
  • It has far more advantages than the traditional system as it helps to naturally maintain the nutrients of the soil with the help of crop residues.
  • The seed feed rate can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Metal compass for Seed & Fertilizer Monitoring.