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Laser Land Leveller

Laser is a device that produce a very concentrated beam of light, which is single, very thin, high energy beam. A rotating laser light source is located somewhere in the field. As the laser rotates rapidly, a virtual "plane" of light is produced in the field. If the earthmover climbs over a high spot in the field, the blade will dig in as the receiver tries to stay locked on to the laser source.
  • Reduces the amount of water required for land preparation
  • Reduces weed problem
  • Uniform moisture available for crops, uniform maturity and uniform yield
  • Save water: Laser controlled land levelling technology could normally save water by 30%.
  • Save land: Laser controlled land levelling technology controls the ridge of field and could save 3% to 5% of land.
  • Save fertilizer: Because of increasing the flatness, it decreases the loss of fertilizer and increases the rate of utilization of fertilizer to 20%, ensuring better seedling emergence efficiency.
  • Increase production: Every unit area increases the production by 20% to 30%.
  • Decrease cost: Using the technology could decrease the production cost of rice, wheat, soybean, cotton and corn by 6.3% to 15.4%.