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Punni Mini Thresher-4302

The Punni Mini Thresher 4302 is a high-capacity, front-feeding multi-crop thresher designed for use with tractors. It is capable of threshing various crops such as maize, wheat, sorghum, barley, mustard, soybean, and millets. It is a reliable and efficient machine suitable for medium to large farmers and custom hiring. The compact structure and beautiful shape of the thresher make it easy to operate and produce high-quality straw while minimizing grain loss.

PUNNI 4302 Mini Multi-Crop Thresher in Action
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PUNNI 4302 Mini Multi Crop Thresher closeup front view

What is Mini Multicrop Thresher?

A mini thresher is a tractor-operated multi-crop thresher that is designed to thresh various crops like rice, maize, wheat, sorghum, barley, mustard, soybean, and millets. Farmers use it as an essential tool in post-harvesting procedures as it completes the threshing and winnowing of crops in a single operation. The thresher is a front-feeding machine designed to suit the needs of medium to large farmers and custom hiring. It is an efficient machine that can produce high-quality straw and minimize grain loss due to its compact structure, beautiful shape, and reliable operation.

Its technical design includes a thresher cylinder with a width of 762 mm and a diameter of 685 mm, 107 cylinder blades, three sieves, and two blowers. The mini thresher has three speeds, and its cylinder speed ranges from 350 to 800 rpm (15-30 m/s). It can output 400-700 kg/hr and has a weight of approximately 1400 kg. The mini thresher is efficient, with a threshing efficiency of 99-100% and a cleaning efficiency of 98-100%, ensuring a total grain loss of less than or equal to 2.0%.

The  thresher eliminates the laborious and time-consuming process of manual threshing and significantly reduces the time required to separate grains from plants. Farmers who grow multiple crops throughout the year find it valuable due to its versatility, high production rates, and ability to handle different types of crops. The mini thresher is an essential tool for modern farming, and it helps to increase productivity while reducing labor costs. Overall, it is a versatile, efficient, and reliable machine that can save farmers time and labor while maximizing the yield of their crops.

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Features of Punni Mini Thresher

“Maximize Your Harvest with Punni  Thresher 4302  – Efficient, Reliable, and High-Quality”

  • Front-feeding design for easy loading of crops
  • Multi-crop threshing capability, including maize, wheat, sorghum, barley, mustard, soybean, and millets
  • Tractor-operated, utilizing the PTO for power
  • High-capacity output, with an output capacity of 400-700 kg/hr
  • Efficient threshing and winnowing in a single operation
  • Adjustable husk straw size, accommodating different crop types and requirements
  • Threshing cylinder with a width of 762 mm and diameter of 685 mm, and 107 blades
  • Three sieves and two blowers for effective cleaning and grain separation
  • Three-speed cylinder rotation, with a range of 350-800 RPM
  • High threshing efficiency of 99-100% and cleaning efficiency of 98-100%, with total grain loss of less than 2%.




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