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The PUNNI Legend-777 combine harvester is an advanced and cost-effective machine designed for harvesting, threshing, separating, and cleaning cereal crops. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it can handle a wide range of crop types, operate at different heights and moisture levels, and minimize grain breakage while maximizing yields. Its compact design allows it to navigate through narrow lanes, and its cleaning and separating system ensures that the grain is free of impurities. Overall, it is a reliable and eco-friendly choice for farmers looking to improve their harvesting operations.

A close-up photo of the front side of the Punni Legend 777 combine, a powerful machine used for harvesting crops
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Side view of PUNNI Legend 777 Combine Harvester
About Combine Harvester

What is a combine harvester?

A combine harvester, also known as a Grain Cruiser Combine Harvester, is a type of agricultural machine that is designed to harvest grain crops such as wheat, paddy, oats, barley, corn, and soybeans. This machine is capable of combining multiple steps of the harvesting process into a single process, including cutting, threshing, gathering, and winnowing.

Furthermore, one of the major benefits of using a combine harvester is its ability to convert the remaining crop into broken straw, which can be directly deposited into a trolley. This feature eliminates the need for additional equipment and labor, reducing costs and saving time for farmers.

Moreover, combine harvesters are typically equipped with advanced features such as monitoring and control systems, improved threshing mechanisms, and innovative cutting technologies, which help to increase efficiency and performance.

In summary, a combine harvester is an indispensable tool for farmers, offering a cost-effective, efficient, and time-saving solution for harvesting grain crops. Its advanced features and unique abilities make it an invaluable asset to the agricultural community.

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Features of Punni Legend Combine Harvester

“Revolutionize your harvesting experience with the efficient and eco-friendly Punni Legend!

  1. Efficient Harvesting: Firstly, the Punni Legend-777 combine harvester is designed to efficiently harvest a variety of cereal crops. Its cutting mechanism is designed to operate at different heights, allowing it to harvest crops at the proper moisture content and minimize losses due to shattering.

  2. Threshing Efficiency: Additionally, the threshing unit of the Punni Legend-777 is designed for high efficiency threshing and separation of grain and straw. Its throughput capacity depends on the density, height, and moisture content of the grain and straw, ensuring maximum harvesting efficiency.

  3. Cleaning Efficiency: Furthermore, the Punni Legend-777 has an efficient cleaning system that separates the grain from the straw and fine straw (bhusa) and minimizes grain breakage. The cleaning efficiency is also influenced by the moisture content, density, and grain straw ratio.

  4. Grain Collection: Another significant advantage of the Punni Legend-777 has a large capacity grain tank that collects the harvested grain efficiently, reducing the number of stops needed to empty the tank. This feature increases the harvesting efficiency and reduces downtime.

  5. Self-Propelled: In addition, the Punni Legend-777 is a self-propelled combine harvester, which means it can move itself through the field and operate with minimal human intervention. This feature reduces labor costs, increases efficiency, and ensures that the operator can focus on other tasks, such as monitoring the harvester’s performance.

  6. Eco-Friendly: Lastly, the Punni Legend-777 is designed to be eco-friendly, with a low carbon footprint and minimal emissions. Its engine is designed to be fuel-efficient, and the harvester is equipped with advanced emission control systems to minimize pollution. This feature makes it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious farmers who want to reduce their impact on the environment.




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