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Punni Multicrop Thresher-B2B

The Punni B2B Thresher is a tractor-operated, high-capacity front-feeding multi-crop thresher. It is designed to cater to the needs of medium to large farmers and custom hiring. The machine comes with a unique feature of a grain storage tank facility located on top of the machine, which allows the farmer to store grains without any hassle. Additionally, a trolley can also be attached to the machine, making it easier for farmers to transport straw.

PUNNI Bac 2 back multi thresher front side photo with grain storage tank and trolley attachment.
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Punni B2B Thresher | A close-up working image of the Punni B2B Thresher with a tractor, showcasing its efficient and high-performance threshing capabilities.
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What is a Punni Back 2 Back Thresher?

Punni B2B Thresher designs a multi-crop threshing machine for medium to large-scale farmers and custom hiring. A tractor operates it, and it has a front-feeding mechanism that ensures a continuous flow of crops into the machine. It eliminates the need for manual loading and unloading of grains with a grain storage tank located on top of the machine. Compared to traditional threshing methods, it requires less labor, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Farmers looking to improve their productivity and minimize grain loss find the machine’s compact structure and reliable operation visually appealing and trustworthy.

The Punni B2B Thresher builds with high-quality materials and designed to last, ensuring durability and reliability. It equips with safety features to ensure the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment. The machine provides a convenient and efficient solution for farmers who need to store and transport grains and straw with the grain storage tank and trolley attachments.

Overall, the Punni B2B Thresher offers numerous benefits to farmers as a technologically advanced machine. It is designed to improve productivity, reduce labor costs, and minimize grain loss. The Punni B2B Thresher is an excellent investment for farmers who want to increase their efficiency and profitability due to its advanced features and durability.

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Features of Punni Back 2 Back Thresher

“Harvest with Efficiency and Quality: Punni Back 2 Back Thresher”

  • The machine facilitates a grain storage tank on top of it, allowing farmers to store grains without any hassle.
  • Farmers can attach a trolley to the machine, making it easier to transport straw.
  • The machine’s front-feeding mechanism ensures a continuous flow of crops into the thresher, operating on a tractor and eliminating the need for manual labor. This reduces labor costs for farmers.
  • Efficient and effective threshing is ensured by the machine’s front-feeding mechanism, maximizing crop yield for farmers.
  • The machine is equipped with features that help minimize grain loss, ensuring maximum yield for farmers.
  • The Punni B2B Thresher is a versatile machine that can thresh various crops like maize, wheat, sorghum, barley, mustard, soybean, and millets, making it suitable for farmers.
  • With its advanced features, the Punni B2B Thresher increases productivity and reduces labor costs for farmers.




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